Parade of Horribles

Heavy Punk Funk Rhythm Section Massacre

All good things?

I had one of those quiet personal moments in a blaring club full of drunk people last night.  Staring at the walls of the Doll Hut in Anaheim.  Seeing the faces of so many great performers who have graced its modest and awkwardly placed stage.  Marveling at the band names whose stickers adorn every inch of the bar; some named so ridiculously it can barely be believed, others both familiar and familial. We're stoked we could get in one last show there.  Aaron from Parents put it well, calling last night's event "a viking funeral."  And that's what it was.  A solemn and dignified (PBR, dignified?) event to help finalize the memories of an old friend.  She will be missed.

Thanks to Parents, Loose Nutts, Cheefs and Nautikal for tearing it up.  Special thanks to my fellow drunk chauffer Chris for carting people all the way back home to La Mesa before heading to his own in Temecula.  You kick ass at a lot of things Chris.

Here's a mugshot of all the folks who made it on the vans with us.  Thanks for making it real you all.  Rock in Peace Doll Hut.