Parade of Horribles

Heavy Punk Funk Rhythm Section Massacre

Jason's 5th solo album, "Five Under Seven" is out

"Five Under Seven"
Five songs under seven minutes presented in a hardcore punk style with a tinge of spastic metal.

Mixed by Daniel Bubert (LowbrowSIC WAITING) at Pizza Cake Productions 
Mastered by Mike Mulet (DecentesSIC WAITING) at Alley Cat Studios - Mike Mulet

Cover Art by Martin Dunn at PunkHouse Press

This album came together in extremely quick bursts of creativity. The vocals were recorded hours, sometimes minutes, after the lyrics were written with little to no understanding of how they would turn out. What resulted is a raw and visceral performance of some pretty personal material. As the mixing process was underway and I continued to hear these songs, I was finally able to process and understand some of the mindsets that contributed to the lyrics, what they meant at the time, what they may still mean. It's been a pretty crazy journey getting to this finished work.

As mentioned, the whole album is less than seven minutes long.
I hope that some friends, family, and strangers will take that brief amount of time to give them a listen.
If you enjoy them, please share them or let me know your thoughts.

Available to listen or download free from my Bandcamp page.
Name your price, even if it's zero.


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